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David and his wife Julia and daughter Cecilia, live on an un-excavated 50-acre Maya site. This spot is where the Maya would set watch for invaders to the site. David placed a rustic bench there because the view across the river valley into the forest is phenominal.

If there was a best ring-side seat to view the Guacamallo Jungle Camp, this would be it.

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Climbing 500 feet up a steep hill through the bush to a plateau, on the top are structures guarding the north, south, east and west around a small plaza. The average tambran tree grows to about ten inches diameter. Here there is one about about six feet diameter.

Truly a magical place, you can feel the energy coming up through the soles of your feet.

Today, David sees an increase in tourists and a need to show the best Belize has to offer.However, he has also realized that the increase in popularity also can negatively affect natural or archaeological sites. cayo david adventure tours belize

Thusly David feels responsible for how these sites are visited. Belize Adventure Travel at it’s finest!

David, with his experience and extensive knowledge of the natural environment, along with his licensed and experienced guides, are dedicated to sharing with you what Belize means to them.

Tourism in Belize has become more popular in recent years, and will continue to increase as the world becomes aware of the uniqueness of Belize and its proximity to the US, Canada, and Europe. DAVID’S ADVENTURE TOURS is dedicated to Directing, Demonstrating, and Educating visitors to Ancient Mayan ruins and the Environmentally Exciting Outback in a positive and ecologically sound manner.

At DAVID’S ADVENTURE TOURS, we work hard to make your experience in Belize not only exciting but affordable and culturally stimulating. Remember that tourism is not only being a passive observer, but experiencing its people and culture.

Allow David, or one of his licensed guides, to show you the wealth of natural and historical beauty of Belize.

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