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Tours- David’s adventure tours Cayo Belize.¬†Guacamallo Jungle Camp is situated on the east bank of the Macal river.

Simple cabins high above the river (which you cross in a canoe), located on the edge of a huge and mysterious Maya site; you’ll have the pleasure of exploring this on your own.

Tours- David’s adventure tours Cayo Belize offers lots of good food, much of it organically grown near the cabins.

Enjoy the wonderful sense of timelessness at night as you sit on a Maya mound outside your cabin watching the stars.¬†Tours- David’s adventure tours Cayo Belize.

You’ll be glad you have one in your wallet the next time you need to open some impossible plastic product packaging, find something under a car seat at night, ask someone for a screwdriver or fill out a form.This card is very low profile and light duty, it’s for all those times in life when your fingernails/coins/ballpoints just aren’t quite enough. Next to your Visa, this is the the card you shouldn’t leave home without. Andy Palacio originated from Belize where there is a minority of Garifuna people, and he put together this multi-generational ensemble of Garifuna musicians from Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras.The music itself is an elegant blend of traditional Afro-Caribbean sounds with a modern twist but I could tell that there are stories being told and since I have learned far more about life from stories than from any textbook, I had to hear them.Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective is a beautiful baptismal for those virgin to Afro-Amerindian rhythms.I have’nt taken this CD out of my player for two weeks. I have been listening to it over and over again, its lingering melodies now play in my head day and night, soothing me. After a good overview, this book is divided into sections/areas of Belize. It seems to be pretty current and accurate. A section on Tikal in Guatemala is included along with advice on how to get there.I like that it included many lodging and “things to do” recommendations. It took a little searching to find a chart of what the icons meant, although some (like Fodor’s Recommended) were obvious. The author hangs out on some of the Belize travel forums and is happy to give current advice without hawking his book.The index made it easy to find hotels, restaurants, and attractions when we went on a trip to Belize and Tikal. The reviews and recomendations were helpful with our decisions. Highly recommended, whilst this guide is more geared to Belize, the section on Tikal was inofrmative.


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